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  • Some CBD companies are rightly criticized for unsupported claims like curing cancer or COVID-19. Research suggests CBD may help with anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and chronic pain.  CBD products vary, highlighting the need for a reputable source. MUMBO adheres to rigorous testing and quality control standards per federal law. Consult your doctor before trying CBD to ensure it won't interact with other medications.

  • MUMBO only sells CBD products that are legal in all 50 states!  We have committed to our customers and retailers to provide the purest and highest quality tested products.  We provide FDA-approved lab reports on all our products for your peace of mind.

    The Federal Government passed a bill called the "Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, known as the 2018 Farm Bill", a pivotal federal law that legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp and the marketing of CBD products derived from hemp with less than 0.3% THC. These moves separated hemp from the list of controlled substances, allowing for legal production and distribution of hemp-derived CBD. However, it's crucial to recognize that state regulations on CBD products may differ, and while federal law permits hemp-derived CBD, state laws can impact its legality. Individuals must navigate federal and state regulations to comply with applicable laws.

  • Water-soluble CBD is positioned to revolutionize CBD product development for several compelling reasons:

    1. Bioavailability: Water-soluble CBD boasts over 90% bioavailability when swallowed, a significant improvement over the 10-20% bioavailability of CBD in oil form. This means that a 20mg dose of water-soluble CBD could result in absorbing 18-19mg of actual CBD, enhancing the desired effects. Unlike CBD oil, there's no need to hold it under the tongue for effective absorption.

    2. Versatility: Unlike CBD oil, which can only mix with other oils, water-soluble CBD is more versatile. It easily integrates into various liquids like coffee, tea, water, juice, or smoothies, offering a convenient way to incorporate CBD into everyday consumption without the need for oils.

    3. Potency: The increased bioavailability of water-soluble CBD makes it more potent. With the same 10mg dose, you may absorb 9-10mg of CBD compared to only 1-2mg with oil-based CBD. This potentially allows for a more cost-effective and powerful CBD experience.

    4. Ease of Use: Water-soluble CBD capsules effortlessly fit into existing supplement routines, providing a convenient alternative to holding an oil-based tincture under the tongue. The powder form allows for easy infusion into favorite drinks and foods at customizable doses, offering flexibility in consumption.

    In the end, the goal is to make high-quality CBD accessible to more people for improved well-being, addressing various life challenges, from daily stress to physical discomfort. Water-soluble CBD presents a user-friendly and potent alternative, expanding the reach of CBD benefits to a broader audience.

  • Our exclusive Nano Water Soluble Technology, developed in collaboration with Nano Hemp Tech Labs, positions us as a global leader in nano water-soluble cannabinoids. With our proprietary formula and process, we offer water-soluble liquid and powder formulations on a large commercial scale.

    Through our advanced Nano Emulsion and Nano Amplification processes, we've achieved a breakthrough in CBD efficacy. Traditional CBD molecules, averaging about 300 nanometers, are less efficient for our bodies, designed to process molecules around 60 nanometers or smaller. Our proprietary process breaks down CBD molecules to 15-60 nanometers, enhancing efficacy and absorption rates by up to 99%. This technological innovation ensures a more effective and bioavailable CBD product.

  • The concept of zero THC distillate may seem puzzling to many cannabis consumers, but there are important considerations that might not be immediately apparent:

    1.    Non-Psychoactive Calmness: Zero THC distillate offers the benefits of cannabinoids without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. This allows users to experience a sense of calm or relaxation without the mental impairment that comes with being "high," making it more practical for various times of the day.

    2.    Passing Drug Tests: Zero THC means users can pass THC/Amphetamine drug tests. This is particularly relevant for individuals seeking pain relief for physical and mental well-being who previously had limited options due to routine drug tests associated with their jobs.

    3.    Child-Friendly Application: Products with zero THC (or low THC + high CBD) can be given to children. The distinct laws and physiological effects of THC and CBD make it possible to utilize zero THC products in treatments. The case of Charlotte, inspiring the brand Charlotte's Web CBD, exemplifies how CBD was crucial in treating a severe form of epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome in a child.

    In essence, zero THC distillate offers a versatile and accessible option for those who seek the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids without the psychoactive effects, making it suitable for a range of situations, including professional contexts, drug testing requirements, and even child-friendly applications.

  • Now, let's address a crucial aspect of our MUMBO CBD powder – its expiration. The topic is surrounded by some controversy, with differing opinions among experts. Here's the verdict:

    CBD powder technically doesn't expire, but its potency may significantly decrease over time. We estimate this decline to begin around 24 months or two years. To make the most of your CBD powder, it's recommended to use it within 12 to 18 months.

    For optimal storage and to preserve its quality, consider the following scientifically proven tips:

    1. Store your CBD powder away from extreme temperatures (both hot and cold).

    2. Ensure your CBD powder container is airtight to prevent exposure to moisture and air.

    3. Always replace the cover of your CBD powder container to shield it from the elements.

    4. Keep your CBD powder away from direct sunlight.

    5. Avoid removing your CBD powder from its original packaging, as it's designed to maintain the product's integrity.

    6. Store your CBD powder in a cool, dark area, away from moisture.


    Following these guidelines can help extend the shelf life of your CBD powder and maintain its effectiveness for as long as possible.

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